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About Us

Vitaslim - Beauty from Within

Vitaslim is a product line of high quality French products developed in accordance with the latest trends in health and beauty care. The Vitaslim brand stands for naturalness, high quality, innovation and effective formulas. The product portfolio is based on synergy – all products could be combined with one another in order to strengthen each other’s action. This guarantees maximum effect.


The products are manufactured for Vitaslim by the pharmaceutical giant Capsugel (now a Lonza company) in its plants in Colmar, France.

Innovative Technology

The Vitaslim products are manufactured as per the patented LICAPS™ encapsulation technology by Capsugel – it enables insertion of liquid ingredients in hard gelatin capsules. The technology is a guarantee for natural origin, fast action, effectiveness, and safety of ingredients.

Certificates of Quality and Origin

The Vitaslim products consist only of high quality ingredients, which are clinically proven to be effective. They are produced in accordance with the highest European standards for dietary supplements, and are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified. The GMP certificate is a proof that the products meet the criteria of the Food Chemical Codex issued by the World Health Organization. GMP is a guarantee of controlled chemical, biological and physical composition of the products.


Vitaslim is a partner of many world’s leading manufacturers of natural dietary supplements. Some of the partner companies of Vitaslim are Lonza, Switzerland, BioMarine AS, Norway, and many others.

On the Market

The Vitaslim products have been present on the European market as of 2009, when they were first released in Bulgaria. Due to the high quality of the all natural ingredients and the expanding product range, the products have become very popular among customers. According to IMS Health, Vitaslim LIGHT is “Best selling slimming product of 2011” in Bulgaria.

In 2011 & 2012 Vitaslim was awarded “Best Brand of 2011” in “Health and Beauty” category at the Best Brand Awards.